The Employment Readiness Model™ was developed and validated based on international research in Australia, Canada, Sweden, the UK, and the US. The ERS assessment tool was established through three years of field research with clients on income assistance and unemployment insurance, ranging in age from 14 to 65. The two co-founders of ERS Scale Inc., Valerie Ward and Dr. Dorothy Riddle undertook the field research and testing of the Scale under the sponsorship of the Departments of the Federal Government of Canada and the Government of British Columbia. Indigenous clients and clients with disabilities were well represented in these studies. A follow-up study of the ERS demonstrated 79% accuracy in predicting which clients would be successfully employed within 12 weeks and still be employed at the end of six months.

ERS Scale Inc. has been in operation since 1998. The ERS is the only known standardized and outcome-validated measure of employment readiness. It has been used by several hundred Agencies and hundreds of thousand of clients in several countries.

  • Our Mission

    Equip organizations providing career and employment services with the best assessment tool and analytical data to serve their clients.

  • Our Vision

    To establish the Employment Readiness Model™ and its assessment tool, The Employment Readiness Scale™, as the global standard for employment readiness measurement.

  • Our Values

    • Honesty, Integrity, and Professionalism. Honoring and upholding the dignity of all individuals, groups, and cultures.
    • Building capacity of career and employment service providers and their clients.
    • Making continuous improvements to the Employment Readiness Scale™.
    • Acquiring Knowledge; participating actively in workforce development events; and sharing our findings through conference presentations and articles to advance the field.

Our Team

Our goal is to work in collaboration with ERS licensees, strengthen the capacity of their staff teams to provide career and employment services specifically targeted to client needs and to evaluate their impact in building employment readiness. We strive to stimulate dialogue and ideas for service enhancement by sharing national and regional ERS data through articles and conference presentations. Design and facilitate professional development events related to employment readiness, with a particular emphasis on developing the soft skills that are critical to success. Advocate for the career development profession in national and international forums.

Mukhtar Rahemtulla


Mr. Rahemtulla is the owner and CEO of ERS Scale Inc. Prior to this, he was the CEO and co-founder of Autovision Wireless Inc. and a senior executive in a satellite telecommunications Company. His extensive community and philanthropic service includes supporting non-profit organizations such as the AKDN.



AlKarim is the Director for ERS Scale Inc. Prior to this, he was the President of Eztia, a furniture distributor and manufacturer. AlKarim is an undergraduate in Computer Science from McGill University and has a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Western Ontario.


Project Manager

Senior Project Manager with natural ability to think ahead and prioritize. Well-respected team player conceives creative solutions and gains buy-in from others, whether subordinates, peers, superiors or customers. Hard-working and disciplined, uses exceptional organizational and interpersonal skills.


Resource Specialist

Development of several specific programs for students with special needs including giftedness. Training teachers in the use of new teaching techniques. Excellent communication skills with all staff in the school, school board, government and parents. Active participation in the organization.



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