The Employment Readiness Scale™

This is what we do at ERS:

Leverage the power of the The Employment Readiness Scale™, an on line assessment, action plan and tracking tool by communicating
clear objectives that helps clients get ready for employment.

Let ERS’s easy-to-use planning tool and tracking keep clients on track so you don’t have to.



Staff Benefits

  • Identifying clients status on key soft skills that are difficult to determine in an initial interview.
  • Documenting types of assistance needed and recommending appropriate program intervention.
  • Coaching clients about components of employment readiness.
  • Strengthening clients commitment to action.
  • Verifying clients progress towards employment readiness.

Clients' Benefits

  • The ERS gives them a chance to say what is going on for them.
  • They learn what it takes to succeed.
  • Action planning is based on their input.
  • They get a road map for work life success.
  • They can see how much progress they are making, which helps them stay motivated.

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Below are links to articles on the Employment Readiness Scale presented at Workforce and Career Development Conferences or published in research papers. The topics range from the background and research behind the ERS assessment model to addressing client needs and making a business case for funding. The story of 2020 is the Covid crisis and its devastating affect on employment – particularly in the low paying economic sectors. We will be adding articles and research papers on how to work with clients as they come to terms with and regain their footing in the post-Covid economy.

To read any of the articles, click on the topic and the article will open in a new page.

If you require additional information on the ERS please feel free to contact ERS or one of our affiliates by clicking on one of the links below.

AgenciesWe Serve

ERS serves a wide range of organizations (Agencies) in different market segments ranging from youth at risk, peoples with disabilities, women, indigenous communities, institutions of higher learning, new immigrants, people in incarceration, mature clients. The Agencies are funded primarily by State or Provincial governments, Federal governments, and NGOs who in turn are funded by charities and Foundations. Agencies use the ERS to test the impact of specific programs or as part of their client intake process. The ERS is being used in Australia, the UK, the USA, and Canada. It is available in French, Spanish, and English. Over 300,000 clients have used and benefited from the ERS.

Click on the link below for a list of some of the agencies that use the ERS and the type of clients they serve.

Sample Assessment

The Scale itself is composed of 45 questions to be rated on a 5-point scale and 30 questions to be answered True/False. The actual Scale is taken in temporary memory and only the factor scores are saved in order to preserve client confidentiality.

The following are sample questions. They are provided to give you a feel for the content and functionality of the ERS.
Click here to get started by answering the sample questions.