Community Affiliates

The following ERS Community Affiliates are member organizations. If your agency is a member of one of these Affiliates, you are entitled to a discount on the per-code fee for up to 1,000 codes.

The Career Development Association of Alberta (CDAA)

CDAA has been at ERS Community Affiliate since 2014. The CDAA is a professional association of approximately 300 members from Alberta, Northwest Territories, Yukon, other areas of Canada, and the United States of America.


Paula Wischoff Yerama


ONESTEP has been at ERS Community Affiliate since 2014 .For over 30 years, ONESTEP has worked with, and for, its members to provide them with the supports, opportunities, and resources they need as practitioners and professionals. ONESTEP works with all of Ontario’s key labour market stakeholders.


Trina Foster
(416) 767-1679

Association of Service Providers for Employability and Career Training (ASPECT):

ASPECT has been at ERS Community Affiliate since 2002. From advising senior government decision-makers on employability and career training issues and opportunities to assisting members with challenging situations - ASPECT has been the voice of community-based training and workplace development service providers in BC for nearly 30 years.


Norma Strachan

Australian Career Services (ACS):

The Australian Careers Service (ACS) is an initiative of the Good Education Group — a careers and educational publisher, responsible for producing The Good Schools Guide and The Good Universities Guide. ACS is our newest ERS Community Affiliate.

ACS aims to support career education professionals by encouraging best practice and innovation in the delivery of career programs, promoting career education as a professional and recognised field, and providing a platform for networking and discussion. ACS members have access to a range of resources and events tailored to the career education industry, including newsletters and information seminars.


Chris Lester

If you would like to become an ERS Community Affiliate, please email us or send us a message and an ERS representative will contact you.

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